Dear Son of Mine

Rajnarind Kaur, mother of three sons, wrote this poem for them.


Dear Son of Mine by Rajnarind Kaur

Who would have known all the love I feel towards you?

Will I be able to give you even an ounce of what your nanni ji and nanna ji gave me?

The strength to swim upriver against the pressures of society

The steadfast faith in Waheguru to protect and guide you throughout life

The Khalsa pride in which you tie your turban every day

The chardi kala spirit to be above the ignorance of  mankind

The gift of naam in which you meditate to attain peace

The confidence in which you will stand on your own two feet

The kindness in your heart to always help others through seva

The honesty with which your face will light up like a light

The sehaj with which you will fulfill life’s duties

The control and discipline that Sikhism teaches

The love of kirtan which is my gift to you

You are still so young, but that sparkle is in your eye

Believe in yourself and know that Waheguru will protect you

You are my son, you are my love

Always remember you are a Singh, a son of the Khalsa, so stand strong!

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