Sikh Retreats for Teens & Adults

Here you will find a list of Sikh retreats & conferences for adults in North America. If there are other retreats and conferences for adults that are not listed here, please let us know and we will add them. Please note that the content and message of the retreats below do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Kaur Life. Dates are subject to change. The retreats are in order by when they are held with January retreats listed first.

Toronto Sikh Retreat

Where: Circle Square Ranch, Brantford, Ontario, Canada
When: Early January
For Whom:  Folks over the age of 18
About: “This retreat is a youth led effort to gather young Sikhs and create a sangat of Guru-inspired individuals. Join us for a weekend of educational workshops, divans, and fun activities to connect yourself with the Sikhi spirit and others on the same path.”

WCSYA Winter Wonderland Sikh Retreat

Where: British Columbia, Canada 
When: January 10 -12 
About: As members of the Sikh community we have gone through the trials and tribulations associated with growing up in western society. We feel that it is our obligation and privilege to help strengthen and develop the identity and heritage of the Sikh youth, and to give them the confidence to maintain that identity.

Surat Sikh Conference

Where: New York City, NY
When: MLK Day in January
For Whom: College students and young professionals
About: Surat Sikh Conference is Surat Initiative’s annual conference. “The 2013 conference featured four non-profit organizations – the Sikh Coalition, Ensaaf, SALDEF, and EcoSikh. The conference focused on Challenging Injustice: A Framework through Anand Sahib and the Zafarnama. Through innovative workshops such as Singh Sabha Taboo, Tetris!, and Shark Tank, participants created unique solutions to problems faced by the community. They then pitched their project proposals to a panel of experts, which awarded $11,000 of grants to the top ideas. This funding was generously provided by the Sikh Spirit Foundation. Participants also enjoyed Ice Skating in Central Park, a Women in the Arts Exhibition, and Open Mic Night over the weekend!”

Khalsa Camp BC Winter Camp

When: February 7 to 10
Where: Mission, British Columbia, Canada
Who: 16 and up
About: “Khalsa Camp BC will be holding its second annual Winter Camp over Family Day Long Weekend from February 7 to 10.  Winter Camp promises to be an inspirational weekend of learning, connecting with Gurbani and fun!  Register today to avoid missing out on an amazing experience.”

Syana Retreat

Where: Michigan
When: May 23 to 26
For Whom: Sikhs ages 18 to 39 years old
About: This retreat is geared toward Sikhs who are dedicated to strengthening their Sikhi & increasing their knowledge. The hope is to create an environment where open discourse & respectful dialogue can help engage a spirit of lifelong learning.

Sikh Students Camp

Where: Toronto, Canada
When: June 27 to July 1
For Whom: Age 17 and Up
About: “Our purpose is to provide a space where youth from across Ontario can get together, move forward in this journey we call Sikhi, be inspired, meet new people, and have fun.”

The Surat Emerging Leaders

Where: NYC, New York
When: Mid July
For Whom: College students and young professionals
About: “The Surat Emerging Leaders Conference highlights the work of individuals who have made a significant contribution to community progress and are the emerging leaders in their respective fields. By giving our community’s leaders a forum in which to share their work, we hope to inspire further activism and innovation, and to create movement  towards panthic progress. The conference is geared towards individuals that want to create change – from students who have attended retreats and camps for years to newcomers that are passionate about community engagement. Attend the Surat Emerging Leaders Conference to learn what it takes to be a leader, meet like-minded people, develop your ideas with innovators who have already seen success, and start creating change yourself.”


Where: San Antonio, TX
When: 2 weeks in the summer
For Whom: Young Adults
About: “Sidak is a distinctive leadership development program for young adults seeking to increase their commitment towards the Sikh faith. This two-week intensive immersion in Sikh culture, language, values and community though understanding bānī (scripture), tvārīkh (history), and rahit (discipline), is hosted by the Sikh Research Institute. Three separate Sidak programs are offered simultaneously: one for first time participants, one for returning students, and a language program that is open for all students and adults. Sikhi 101 study an overview of Sikh history and theology through structured learning, while Sikhi 201 students delve deeper into the same subjects through a more rigorous exploration. The Language Program will focus solely on the composition, structure, and language of the Gurū Granth Sāhib.”


Where: NYC/California
When: Summer
For Whom: College students
About: “Come join us at Lalkaar, Jakara Movement’s Annual Collegiate Conference, this summer in California or New York! After holding its annual summer conference in California, for twelve years, Lalkaar has since expanded to the East Coast, giving New Yorkers the chance to come and be part of The Jakara Movement. In addition to the educational opportunities afforded by the conference, Lalkaar provides great networking opportunities for young Sikhs, allowing them to forge durable bonds with the community. Lalkaar has provided a forum to discuss such issues for over a decade now, and hopes to have you participating and contributing to this year’s conference! Participants engage in the conference curriculum during the mornings and afternoons, leaving such activities as picnics, ice cream socials, performances, and a formal banquet for the evenings.”

Yoga West: Khalsa Mens Camp

Where: BC, Canada
When: Aug 13 to 18
For Whom: Geared towards men 16 years old and up; those 7 years old and up welcomed with a guardian 
About: “Promising to be a spiritually uplifting time for all men to get in touch with their masculine core, it will feature a full program of activities including men’s yoga, meditation, inspiring workshops, Sadhana (early morning practice), Martial Arts, Gurbani Kirtan (sacred music), Gurdwara as well as plenty of time to relax and play in nature.”

Singhs’ Camp British Columbia

Where: Hope, BC, Canada
When: Aug 19-24
For Whom: Age 16 and up
About: ” Singhs Camp began with a single focus: to give Sikh men a resource to understand the teachings of Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the history of the Guru Khalsa Panth, and to apply these to their lives. This resource would be guided by a spirit of universal love and unity of purpose so that all Singhs could come together to join as one congregation and help each other.”

Yoga West: Khalsa Ladies Camp

Where: British Columbia, CA
When: Aug 21 to 25
For Whom: Geared towards women 16 years old and up; 7 and up welcomed with a guardian
About: This Spiritual Retreat was originally conceived and is organized by Sikh women. We welcome all women for this opportunity for relaxation, strengthening, growth, and bonding with other women, all within the sacred space of the Sikh lifestyle.

Kaurs United Camp

When: Aug 24 to 29
Where: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
For Whom: Women 
About: “Every summer, Kaurs United holds an international week-long camp for Sikh women. Our camps are graced with the presence of diverse women from around the world who contribute to every aspect of camp with their knowledge, experiences, love, and seva. A multi-day Sikh women’s camp creates a close-knit environment in which campers learn to trust and support each other in their lives and in their Sikhi.”

Khalsa Camp BC

When: August 24 to 29
Where: Mission, British Columbia
For Whom: 16 years old and up
About: “Khalsa Camp BC is North America’s premiere Sikh camp. At Khalsa Camp, it doesn’t matter whether you’re taking your very first steps towards Sikhi or whether you’ve been on the path for your whole life, there’s learning and inspiration to take home for everyone.  Inspirational speakers, awe-inspiring keertan, a welcoming atmosphere; Khalsa Camp is an experience that you won’t regret.”

Singhs Camp Ontario

When: Aug 30 to Sept 2
Where: Camp Kawartha, Ontario, Canada
About: “Toronto Singhs Camp is all about providing inspiration and motivation to young and old who want to discover the essence within. Many people find it difficult to begin their spiritual journey, despite efforts they may make. Some may even find it difficult to make the effort that is required. Toronto Singhs Camp wants to ‘push-start’ those who need to begin their journey, inspire those who have already begun and share with those who have travelled far on the path of God.”


Where:  Milpitas, CA
When: September
For Whom: By invite only
About: In 2012 Jakara launched their leadership retreat:Adhhaara 2012: Vision 2015.  “Last year’s participants left with a vision of the future – one where with the support of their sangat they could make a lasting difference as individuals and a community. This year, at Adhhaara 2013: Sowing the roots in grassroots,  active volunteers will engage in workshops and discussions that will strengthen their individual and collective leadership. We invite our vafadars, hisaydars and misl council members to join us September 20-22nd for Adhhaara 2013 – register today! This event is invite only, if you have questions about how to become a vafadar, hisaydar or council member, please contact Ravneet Kaur:”

Guru Harkrishan Institute of Sikh Studies Retreat

Where: Maryland, USA
When: October
Age: 16 to 40 years old
About: “This retreat is an endeavor to create a Sikh environment for spiritual uplifting and also to provide a platform for the older youth to communicate and discuss various Sikh issues. This retreat is ideal for those who have chosen Sikhism to be their path of life and are now desirous to learn more about this path, while sharing their understanding of the Guru’s teachings and principles with others.”

North American Sikh Medical & Dental Association (NASMDA)

Where: Varries
When: October, Columbus Day
For Whom:  Medical and dental students and professionals
About: “NASMDA strives to provide a platform for Sikh medical and dental professionals to network and interact with each other while promoting the ideals and the mission of Guru Nanak. The members of NASMDA have been actively involved with helping out and supporting various Sikh organizations, young medical students and physicians. Every year an Annual Conference is held to bring all the members of NASMDA together to share and hear from prominent members from the healthcare world about research and advances in medical sciences. This conference also provides the opportunity to network, share and build a sense of community and belonging.”


Where: Santa Cruz, CA
When: Mid October, 3 days long
For Whom: For professionals and college students over the age of 18
About:  “Saanjh – meaning ‘partnering, sharing, connecting’ in Punjabi – is a community based organization that was born in winter 2007, to focus on inspiring the next generation to be a force for positive social change. Saanjh’s programming includes leadership retreats, kid’s camps, and services tailored to new immigrant youth. Saanjh initiates and encourages programming that encourage social activism around race, religious identity, gender, and class issues, towards a collective empowerment.”


Where: California
When: Spring Break
For Whom: 18+
About: Soohj is an alternative spring break by Jakara that is centered on service, advocacy, learning and spiritual reflection.


Where: ?
When: ?
For Whom: For young married couples
About: “The Grihast Retreat is a 3-day event for young married couples to strengthen their values in marriage and family relationships. It is hosted by the Sikh Research Institute. Grihast incorporates diverse themes that are at the foundation of a married life. New perspectives provide insights on building meaningful relationships while workshops and discussions offer a glimpse of the Guru’s vision and ideals on marriage.”

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