Overnight Sikh Youth Camps

Here you will find a list of over-night (aka “sleep-away”) Sikh camps for kids and teens. If there are camps that are not listed here, please let us know and we will add them. Please note that the content and message of the camps below do not necessarily reflect the viewpoint of Kaur Life. Camps are listed alphabetically.

Bhujangan for Singhs  Location: California, USA

Bhujangi for Kaurs   Location: California, USA

Camp Chardi Kala Location: New York, USA

Camp Gurmat Location: Maryland, USA

Camp Gurmat Location: Dallas, Texas, USA

Camp Khalsa  Location: Michigan, USA

Camp Khanda Location New York, USA

Camp Sikh Virsa  Location: Midwest, USA

Experience Sikhi Camp Location: Canada

Gurmat Camp Location: Maryland, USA

Houston Sikh Youth Camp  Location: Texas, USA

IIGS Camp Location: California, USA

Khalsa Camp  Location: USA, Canada, UK, NZ, India, Australia

Lionheart Location: Singapore

Sikh Youth Australia Location: Sydney, Australia

SYANA Gurmat Camp Location: Michigan, USA

Tennessee Gurmat Camp Location: Tennessee, USA

West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance Location: Canada