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Kaur Life is a space where Kaurs & Singhs can share their stories and learn from each other. It’s a place where you can take up space and raise your voice!  So, we encourage you to submit your work! Kaur Life survives on your submissions!

You can submit articles, poetry, art, music, photography, film, dance, journal entries, book reviews, song reviews, spoken word, Youtube videos….pretty much anything that’s related to empowering Sikh women. If you need help thinking of ideas, this list will help you get started.

The world’s listening. What do you want to say?

We are looking forward to seeing your creativity!

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Send your work to: Hello(at)

Be sure to include your name and email address if you would like to be contacted. Also, you can include a short bio (50 words or less) and a photo of yourself if you would like.

Submission Criteria:

Please note, for your work to be included, it must support Kaur Life’s mission & values, address a topic central to women’s experiences, be gurmat-oriented, and reference gurbani, tvarik (Sikh history), or rehat (Sikh values/ lifestyle).

 Terms of Submission:

Kaur Life staff reserves the right to publish your text and photos at our own discretion on and related social media platforms. Authors should not submit the same piece simultaneously to more than one blog, website, or news outlet. When you email Kaur Life a submission, you are granting us first publication rights and first right of refusal.

Writing Quality:

Piece should be:

  • Clear and concise
  • Well organized
  • Contain engaged writing
  • Clearly focused
  • Free of spelling and grammatical errors
  • Have a respectful and open minded tone
  • If you are writing about your opinion, clearly state that it is your opinion
  • If you include facts, please cite source and accurately convey the facts
  • If you include gurbani, please include the ang (page number) of Guru Granth Sahib and who the shabad was revealed to.

Writing Anonymously:

Kaur Life understands that sometimes, when writing about sensitive subject matter, safety is a concern. If you can’t have your name published or don’t feel comfortable having your photograph featured on the site, please don’t let it deter you from submitting. These issues can be worked around and we’re invested in making you feel as safe and comfortable as possible. You can publish anonymously or under a pen name.

Duplicate Submission:

We’re looking for original, never-before-published articles. Thus, authors should not submit the same article simultaneously to more than one blog, website, social media platform, or news outlet. When you email Kaur Life an article, you are granting us first publication rights and first right of refusal. The rationale for this standard is the potential for disagreement when two (or more) websites claim the right to publish a manuscript that has been submitted simultaneously to more than one entity. Once Kaur Life has published your content, you are free to submit it elsewhere.

Your Bio & Photo:

If you wish, at the end of your submission, you may include a short bio (no more than 50 words). Also, along with your submission, you may attach a high resolution jpeg author photo (head and shoulders shot is best).

Final Notes:

  • There is no word limit.
  • There is no formatting requirement.
  • Please be open to the editing process.
  • Kaur Life reserves the right to publish your text and photos at its own discretion.
  • Kaur Life is a Sikh-women’s forum. Anything submitted that violates Sikh ideals will be rejected.
  • Kaur Life has different needs at different times, so not all submissions made to Kaur Life will be accepted. If we don’t accept your piece, don’t worry, feel free to submit new work in the future.

Happy submitting!

Send your work to Hello(at)