Japneet Kaur

Japneet Kaur gifted her painting of Guru Nanak Sahib (above) to her aunt as a way to share her love. “My aunt  invited me to her place for kirtan,” said Kaur. “I just wanted to give her something that she could always cherish. The quote that I have on painting was the way I felt being in New York, and the thing that I have learned from my father:  ‘Be a person who is known for the wealth of his virtue not by the virtue of wealth.'” Japneet’s art is a reflection of herself and an act of remembering Waheguru.

“Being a Sikh I always carry the thought that “Kaur is my identity,” said Kaur. “This helps me retain my self-confidence to move forward, even if I have to stand alone. There is an inner voice within me, that guides me, telling me that I’m a Sardarni (Kaur), that the Khalsa is born in my image, and that I am not alone. Waheguru is with me. I feel proud and blessed that I have Kaur as my name and that Waheguru has given me a chance to carry the essence of my name, ‘Jap’ reaffirming Waheguru’s Truth and Reality.”

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