Spotting Sikhs in Kids Books

More books with Sikh illustrations have hit the shelves! Take a look at our alphabetical list below. They’re not all Sikh books, but they all have at least one Sikh illustration. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

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Please note, this list is not an endorsement or “seal of approval” of any book.

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General Books on Sikhi

All of Us

Author: Carin Berger
Illustrator: Carin Berger
Summary: Acclaimed and award-winning picture book creator Carin Berger shares a moving story of community, empathy, and the power of love.

A Day of Joy with Daddi Ji

Author: Navi Sandhu
Illustrator: Rafa Harger
Summary: Spend a day with Savera Kaur and her young-at-heart grandmother, Surinder Kaur, as she guides us through some of the activities they enjoy doing together. The journey demonstrates simple ways youth can connect with their traditional Sikh grandparents, and the precious moments they experience together.

The Hair Book

Author: LaTonya Yvette
Illustrator: Amanda Jane Jones
Summary: Covered hair, Bun Hair, Party Hair…No matter your hair—YOU are welcome anywhere!
 Author and lifestyle blogger, LaTonya Yvette makes her children’s book debut alongside art from award-winning illustrator Amanda Jane Jones.

Light for All

Author: Margarita Engle
Illustrator: Raúl Colón
Summary: A lyrical and unifying picture book that “will inspire young readers” and “magnificently showcases the immigrant experience”.

My Name is Saajan Singh

Author: Kuljinder Kaur Brar
Illustrator: Samrath Kaur
Summary: A debut picture book that explores the importance of pronouncing names properly and celebrates cultural identity.

Searching for Shinda

Author: Minnie Rai-Manhas
Illustrator: Art Porta
Summary: When Navtej’s grandfather reads a story in the newspaper about a baby lion named Shinda, who has mysteriously disappeared from the zoo, it sparks the young boy’s imagination. Instead of going to the park as they would normally, Navtej insists that they go to the zoo to help find the missing cub.

Sikh FUN-damentals! 

Author: Minnie Rai-Manhas
Illustrator: Svetlana Lau
Summary: Do you want to teach your child about the Sikh religion and make it fun? Follow Jind Kaur, her family and friends as they explore the basic building blocks of Sikhi in this brightly coloured and easy-to-read book.

Some Daddies

Author: Carol Gordon Ekster
Illustrator: Javiera Maclean Álvarez 
Summary: This rollicking showcase of daddies celebrates the incredible diversity of modern fathers. The inclusive cast of characters–including a two-dad family, a single dad, and a stay-at-home dad–highlights the bond between daddy and child as they play, learn, comfort, and laugh their way through everyday life. This open-hearted ode to fatherhood will give readers new appreciation for how their own fathers and father-figures shine in their own unique ways.

Someone Builds the Dream

Author: Lisa Wheeler
Illustrator: Loren Long
Summary: Buildings, bridges, and books don’t exist without the workers who are often invisible in the final product, as this joyous and profound picture book reveals from acclaimed author of The Christmas Boot Lisa Wheeler and New York Times bestselling illustrator of Love Loren Long.

Who Are You?

Author: Smriti Halls
Illustrator: Ali Pye
Summary: A joyful celebration of difference and diversity offering the opportunity for children to examine and discuss what makes each of us unique: from our friends and food we eat, to activities we enjoy. It’s a wonderful way to get children thinking about and learning about their own families as well as others who may be different from their own.

Feature photo from Noor Kaur’s Kes Gunni