More Sikhs in Children’s Books

We compiled our first list of picture books and children’s books that have Sikh illustrations back in 2019 in our article, “Sikhs in Children’s Books”. Since then, a lot more books have come out! With your help, we have crowd sourced the list below (alphabetical order). They’re not all Sikh books, but they all have at least one Sikh illustration. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

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A few notes:

-This list is not an endorsement or “seal of approval” of any book.

-We have tried to link the titles via Indie Bound Press, a website that helps you source books locally. However, some titles may not be available at your local bookstore so you’ll need to do some extra hunting to track them down.

-Updated September 16, 2022

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Aaron Slater, Illustrator

Author: Andrea Beaty

Illustrator: David Roberts

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

Summary: Aaron Slater loves listening to stories and dreams of one day writing them himself. But when it comes to reading, the letters just look like squiggles to him, and it soon becomes clear he struggles more than his peers. When his teacher asks each child in the class to write a story, Aaron can’t get a single word down. He is sure his dream of being a storyteller is out of reach . . . until inspiration strikes, and Aaron finds a way to spin a tale in a way that is uniquely his.

Baani Da Pari’vaar

Author:   Sarabdeep Johal

Illustrator: Stefanie St. Denis

Publisher: Independently Published

Summary: Cheerful Baani introduces her family members using alliteration, rhymes, and adjectives.

Be Brave My Love

Author:   Bhajneet Singh

Illustrator: Pardeep Singh

Publisher: Brave Lion Books

Summary: Be Brave My Love speaks straight from a parent’s heart to the special child in their life. This book captures the hopes, dreams, and wishes parents pray for their little ones. It inspires kids to love, grow, and always be positive in everyday moments.

The Bench

Author:   Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex 

Illustrator: Christian Robinson

Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers 

Summary: Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’s first children’s book, The Bench, beautifully captures the special relationship between father and son, as seen through a mother’s eyes. The book’s storytelling and illustration give us snapshots of shared moments that evoke a deep sense of warmth, connection, and compassion.

All Are Neighbors

Author: Alexandra Penfold   

Illustrator: Suzanne Kaufman

Publisher:  Knopf Books for Young Readers

Summary: Moving to a new place can be hard, but when your neighbors welcome you with open arms, there are so many things to discover and celebrate. Come along with the kids from the bestsellers of All Are Welcome and Big Feelings as they introduce the new kid to a community where everyone has a place and is loved and appreciated—no matter what.

Big Feelings

Author: Alexandra Penfold   

Illustrator: Suzanne Kaufman

Publisher:  Knopf Books for Young Readers

Summary: Big Feelings helps children navigate the emotional challenges they face in their daily lives. What should we do when things don’t go to plan? We may feel mad, frustrated, or overwhelmed, but by talking it through, compromising, and seeing another point of view, we can start fresh, begin anew.

Bodies Are Cool

Author: Tyler Feder   

Illustrator: Tyler Feder 

Publisher:  Penguin Random House

Summary: Bodies Are Cool is a picture book of pure celebration of all the different human bodies that exist in the world. Highlighting the various skin tones, body shapes, and hair types is just the beginning in this truly inclusive book. It will instill body acceptance and confidence in the youngest of readers.

Bravo Anjali!

Author: Sheetal Sheth  

Illustrator: Lucia Soto

Publisher: Mango & Marigold Press

Summary: For Anjali, playing the tabla is something that comes naturally. She loves the feel of the drum beneath her fingers and getting lost in the music. But when a boy in her class gives her a hard time for being better than him, she messes up on purpose. When her teacher announces a contest where the winner will get to perform with him at his next concert, Anjali is distraught. Winning the contest would be a dream for Anjali. But it seems like the better she gets, the meaner some of the kids are. In this follow up to the award winning Always Anjali, Anjali realizes that she should never let anyone make her feel bad for being good at something. An important story for all children to remember to “never dim their light”.

Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara

Author: Navreet Singh  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Mighty Khalsa

Summary: Daya and Dharam Go to the Gurdwara is the first book of the series which follows brother and sister, Daya Kaur and Dharam Singh, through many adventures. In this book, they visit the Gurdwara with their grandmother and learn more about what a Gurdwara is and what happens there.

Dream Big Little Kaur

Author:   Curious Khalsa 

Illustrator: Pardeep Singh

Publisher: Brave Lion Books

Summary: Dream Big, Little Kaur is not only an ode to the brave and wise, yet humble women from Sikh history, but also aims to inspire young Sikhs to discover and realize the beauty within them.

Dream Big Little Singh

Author:   Curious Khalsa 

Illustrator: Pardeep Singh

Publisher: Brave Lion Books

Summary: Dream Big, Little Singh is not only an ode to the brave and wise, yet humble men from our Sikh history, but also aims to inspire the young Sikhs to discover and realize the kindness and humility within them. By highlighting important aspects of the Gursikhs’ personalities in a kid-friendly manner with colorful illustrations, the book encourages the young Sikhs to yearn to follow in the footsteps of the Gursikhs they will learn about.

Families Can

Author:   Dan Saks  

Illustrator: Brooke Smart

Publisher:  Rise x Penguin Workshop

Summary: This charmingly heartfelt board book is for families: families who cook together and families who sing together, families with lots of members and families with a special few, families who live together and families who live separately–for all families. Celebrate the differences that make each family unique and the similarities and love that connect us all together.

Good Morning, Canada

Author:   Andrea Lynn Beck   

Illustrator: Andrea Lynn Beck

Publisher:  North Winds Press

Summary: As the pages turn on bright scenes and changing seasons across the country, rhyming text cheerily greets the sights and sounds of a Canadian morning.

Goodnight Guru

Author:   Manjot Singh  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Khalis Foundation

Summary: Inspired by the classic children’s book, “Good Night Moon”, this is a bedtime book for Sikh children. Goodnight Guru reminds us to think of all those that made sacrifices for Sikhi; an illustration of what we read everyday in ardas.

Gurpreet Goes to Gurdwara: Understanding the Sikh Place of Worship

Author:   Harman Singh Pandher   

Illustrator: Gurpreet Kaur Birk

Publisher: Tellwell Talent 

Summary: Gurpreet Goes to Gurdwara, by Harman Singh Pandher, is the story of a young Canadian kid with an active imagination and a healthy curiosity. Every Sunday morning, the Singh family goes off to Gurdwara: the Sikh place of worship. But what for? And why does it matter? These are the big questions that Gurpreet eventually begin to wonder as they try to make sense of their family’s beliefs and customs.

The Guru Inside Me Says

Author:   Ratika Seehra   

Illustrator: Simran Birdi

Publisher: Independently published  

Summary: The Guru Inside Me Says teaches powerful lessons of the ten Sikh Gurus, with universal moral values on each page.

The Guru Nanak Dev Jee, My Nana Jee and Me

Author:   Paramjit Singh Virdi and Harpreet Kaur Bassan

Illustrator: Kateryna Tymofiienko

Publisher: Mighty Khalsa  

Summary: Arjun loves to learn all about Sikhi with his Nana Ji. Come and join Arjun and his Nana Jee to learn all about Guru Nanak Sahib Ji’s pearls of wisdom. Let us practice them to live a happy and honest life full of kindness and love.

Guru Nanak the Magnificent

Author:   Baljinder Kaur

Illustrator: Baljinder Kaur

Publisher: Mighty Khalsa  

Summary: Mighty Khalsa presents the children’s picture book Guru Nanak the Magnificent by Baljinder Kaur. This poem celebrates the life of Guru Nanak Sahib, in gratitude of the light that They have brought into this world.

Good Night India

Author:   Nitya Khemka  

Illustrator: Kavita Singh Kale

Publisher: Good Night Books

Summary: Good Night India highlights the Himalayan Mountains, Harmandir Sahib, Valley of Flowers National Park, Palace of Winds, Hawa, Mahal, Mehrangarh Fort, Goa, beaches, dolphins, lions in the Gir Forest, tigers in the Sundarbans, Darjeeling tea, blue train, elephants, and more.

The Gurus Song Adventure

Author:   IM1313  

Illustrator: Ben Barter

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: Prepare for an adventure as Simran Singh and the Khalsa family travel the world on a mission to find the Sikh Gurus. Through the power of simran and with the help of his family and friends, Simran soon discovers that the Gurus are a lot closer than he thinks.

Hair Twins

Author:   Raakhee Mirchandani 

Illustrator: Holly Hatam

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Summary: A Sikh father and daughter with a special hair bond proudly celebrate and share a family tradition in this story.

I Am

Author:  Gurpreet Kaur

Illustrator: Pardeep Singh

Publisher: Brave Lion Books

Summary: This book is filled with surprises and a great way to teach children how positive affirmations can lead to achieving success in anything.

I Love My Punjab

Author:  Khushdeep Kaur  Jaura

Illustrator: Jeevna Kaur

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: I love my Punjab is a book that gives parents an opportunity to start a conversation about Punjabi culture and heritage with their children while reliving and sharing stories of their own childhood.

Ik Chita Baaj – 1 White Hawk – ੧ ਚਿੱਟਾ ਬਾਜ

Author:  Navjeet Kaur  

Illustrator: Baljinder Kaur

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: This book has rhythmic, read-aloud sentences which are easy to understand. It encourages language development, word recognition, number identification, and counting in both Gurmukhi and English – all while learning Sikh concepts.

I Will Be Fierce

Author:   Bea Birdsong 

Illustrator: Nidhi Chanani

Publisher: Roaring Brook Press

Summary: I Will Be Fierce is a picture book about courage, confidence, kindness, and finding the extraordinary in everyday moments.

Just Jeet

Author:  Baljinder Kaur  

Illustrator: Baljinder Kaur

Publisher: Saffron Press

Summary: Just Jeet is a story that celebrates diversity and acceptance. Get to know Jeet — a young Sikh boy — who takes us through his life, showing us what makes him stand out but not stand alone.

Kamal’s Kes

Author:  Baljinder Kaur  

Illustrator: Baljinder Kaur

Publisher: Saffron Press

Summary: Kamal’s Kes is a body-positive picture book, rooted in dismantling standards of beauty that harm the mental health of young persons. With such few representations of body hair in picture books, cultural conditioning sends the message of feeling ashamed of natural hair. This story offers young girls an empowering choice when it comes to their developing body hair. Kamal will have to confront her deepest thoughts to reimagine what beautiful means to her.


Authors:  Simarjeet Kaur Sandhu and Mia Kaur Sandhu  

Illustrator: Anastasiia Sokolova

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: Simran and Sehaj tell a story about kisaans (farmers) of India. They talk about farmers from Haryana and Punjab. They also talk about their great-grandfather who dreamed of being a kisaan and fulfilled his dream by owning a farm in Haryana.

Let’s Celebrate Vaisakhi

Author: by Ajanta Chakraborty  and Vivek Kumar 

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Bollywood Groove

Summary: Join Maya, Neel and their pet squirrel, Chintu, as they visit Punjab to celebrate Vaisakhi, Punjab’s spring harvest festival. Kids will learn about history, food, language and cultural elements of Vaisakhi… all while making new best friends.

Let’s learn about the 10 Sikh Gurus, Kids!

Author: Gurkiran Sandhu 

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Independently published via CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Summary: Let’s learn about the 10 Sikh Gurus, Kids! is a book for children that will help them learn about the 10 Sikh Gurus, their history, and contribution to Sikhi through pictures and knowledgeable details.

Lohri: The Bonfire Festival

Author: Parveen Kaur Dhillon 

Illustrator: Anantdeep Kaur

Publisher: Mascot Books Inc.

Summary: Lohri, with its bonfire bright, is when we sing and dance through the night. Lohri is that colorful and festive time of year to celebrate with those who are dear. Join Ajeet and Rakha as they explore their favorite holiday.

Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street

Author: Felicita Sala 

Illustrator: Felicita Sala

Publisher: Scribe UK

Summary: In each apartment, someone is preparing a special dish to share with their neighbours. Mr Singh is making coconut dahl with his daughter while Maria mashes some avocados for her guacamole. Will everything be ready on time?

Written and illustrated by Felicita Sala, book is filled with recipes from all over the world and simple instructions perfect for young chefs.  

Mata Khivi: The Superheroine

Author: Rav Kaur and Angad Singh 

Illustrator: Devika Joglekar 

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: Superheroes and superheroines exist. Not the flying, invisible kind with capes, but the ones who take care of people and teach us how to live fairly. The person we are talking about is Mata Khivi. During her life, she taught people how to serve with love. She showed us that everyone is equal and should sit together.

Mighty Khalsa Sikh Nursery Rhymes

Author: Mighty Khalsa  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Mighty Khalsa

Summary: This book has lyrics and photographs of children demonstrating actions for each verse of songs and rhyme. All the familiar tunes and traditional nursery rhymes get new Sikhi lyrics – all about Vaheguru, the Khalsa, and the brave Singhs and Kaurs of the Guru.

My First Sikh Word Book

Author: Navreet Singh  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Arvinder Singh

Summary: My First Sikh Word Book is a collection of simple words written in English and Punjabi to help children relate to their mother tongue. Each word is complemented by a colourful image, which stimulates the senses.

Proud to be a Sikh

Author: Bhajneet Singh  

Illustrator: Pardeep Singh

Publisher: Brave Lion Books

Summary: Proud to be a Sikh is a children’s book that follows a shabad revelaed to Guru Ram Das Sahib Ji to tell us how to live a Gur Sikh life.

Priya Dreams of Marigolds & Masala

Author: Meenal Patel  

Illustrator: Meenal Patel

Publisher: Beaver’s Pond Press

Summary: Priya lives in the United States and her family is from India. She feels the magic of the place her family comes from through her Babi Ba’s colorful descriptions of India–from the warm smell of spices to the swish-swish sound of a rustling sari. Together, Priya and Babi Ba make their heritage live on through the traditions that they infuse into their everyday lives.

The Sikh Snowman

Author: Owen Gallagher  

Illustrator: Fiona Stewart

Publisher: Culture Matters Co-operative Ltd

Summary: Snowfall, friendship and feelings combine in this story about coming together. A joyous sense of wonder as the snow starts pulls together friends to build their snowman.

The Star of Anise

Author: Jane Jolly and Di Wu  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Unknown

Summary: Annie and Arthur have been eagerly awaiting Bhagwan Singh’s next visit. What wondrous things will he have in his cart this time, among the silk and soap, spices and shirts? As the hawker makes his camp for the night, the children savour spun sugar and food from the Punjab, discovering the secret star anise. This is story about embracing different traditions, based on the stories of Sikh hawkers in Australia in the late 1800s.

Raj Singh’s New Chola

Author: Unknown  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Khalis Foundation

Summary: Raj Singh is a village leader with a big ego. When Raj Singh needs a new chola for the village parbhat feri (parade), a tailor promises him a special new chola, but it has a secret. This fun story shows human vanity and the fear of truth.

Sangeeta and the Missing Beat

Author: Kiranjot Kaur  

Illustrator: Kiranjot Kaur

Publisher: Rebel Mountain Press

Summary: Sangeet loves music, and she’s good at composing it, too.  Her favourite instrument is the tabla. One day, Sangeet hears all kinds of noises everywhere and together, they have the most incredible beat. But when she tries to play it on her tabla— something is missing!

Simran and Sehaj Series

Authors:  Simarjeet Kaur Sandhu and Mia Kaur Sandhu  

Illustrator: Anastasiia Sokolova

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: Join Simran and Sehaj on their journey through three books; “What is Meditation? We say Waheguru”, “What is Mool Mantar”, and “We Are Sikhs”.

Sofia Valdez, Future Prez

Author: Andrea Beaty  

Illustrator: David Roberts

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

Summary: Every morning, Abuelo walks Sofia to school . . . until one day, when Abuelo hurts his ankle at a local landfill and he can no longer do so. Sofia (aka Sofi) misses her Abuelo and wonders what she can do about the dangerous Mount Trashmore. Then she gets an idea—the town can turn the slimy mess into a park. She brainstorms and plans and finally works up the courage to go to City Hall—only to be told by a clerk that she can’t build a park because she’s just a kid. Sofia is down but not out, and she sets out to prove what one kid can do.

The Surfing Lesson

Author:  Bhajneet Singh 

Illustrator: Noor Alshalabi

Publisher: Brave Lion Books

SummaryThe Surfing Lesson is a story of a Sikh-American family who loves to surf. The kids get surfboards as a gift and are super excited to start riding the waves, but they wake up to an oil spill and the water is not safe. They learn about the devastating effect this has on the ocean and it inspires them to protest and rally with friends to make sure this does not happen again.

Twin Adventures – Ria and Ryan Meet Tejas and Tamanna

Authors:  TK Sohal and Raman Kaur  

Illustrator: Unknown

Publisher: Independently published

Summary: A set of Canadian-born twins are in for a surprise when a new set of twins immigrate from India. There is a clash of cultures that arises in the school setting. The twins discover things about themselves in unexpected ways, especially that kindness, understanding, and collaboration can go a long way.

What Color is My Patka

Author: Deepika Kaur Pujji 

Illustrator: Agus Prajogo

Publisher: Mascot Books

Summary: Growing up as a Sikh boy, Ricky looks different than many of his peers. He wears a patka. Ricky shares how he confidently approaches his day and why this makes him so special. Join Ricky as he chooses which color patka to wear each day in this book filled with rhymes.

What is a Sikh

Author:  Sukhwinder Kaur Basra 

Illustrator: Dr. Manjit Singh Hunjin 

Publisher:  Friesen Press

Summary: 20 questions about Sikhi and the answers.

Women in Art: 50 Fearless Creatives Who Inspired the World

Author:Rachel Ignotofsky

Illustrator: Rachel Ignotofsky

Publisher: Ten Speed Press

Summary: This illustrated book, Women in Art highlights the achievements and stories of 50 notable women in the arts–from well-known figures like painters Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe, to lesser-known names like Amrita Sher-Gill. Covering a wide array of artistic mediums, this collection also contains infographics about artistic movements throughout history, statistics about women’s representation in museums, and notable works by women. 

Honorable Mentions

The following books didn’t make our list because they were not strictly picture books for children. Some are activity books, coloring books, for older readers, are Punjabi or Sikh but don’t have Sikh illustrations (or we were unable to confirm it), etc. But many readers and parents wrote to us saying they enjoyed them which is why we are listing them here.

Activity Books

Activity Books by Nihal Nihal Nihal

Dealing with my Feelings by Amen Kaur

My Little Sikh Handbooks – activity books

Nishaani & Me – magazines

Sikh Coloring – coloring and activity books

Story Books

Ammalli – A True Friend by Harmeet Singh

Diwali by Deep Kaur and illustrated by Daya Kaur and Sehej Kaur

Five Angels & Five Demons by Jasmeen Rangi

My God is Bigger Than Yours by Tricia Cohen

Older Readers

Books by Inni Kaur

Books by Jasmin Kaur

Books by Nikky Guninder Kaur Singh

Books published by Khalis House

Boy with the Top Knot by Sathnam Sanghera and Assad Zaman

Brown Like Me by Jaspreet Kaur

Faith, Gender, And Activism In The Punjab Conflict: The Wheat Fields Still Whisper by Mallika Kaur

Her Name is Kaur Edited by Meeta Kaur

One Amazing Sikh at a Time by Seerat Kaur Gill and Anantjeet Kaur

Phulkari by Harman Kaur

Poetry by Rupi Kaur

Rooh by Rupinder Kaur

Royals & Rebels by Priya Atwal

Saint Soldier: Bhai Bachittar Singh by Harmeet Singh

See No Stranger by Valarie Kaur

Stories for South Asian Super Girls

The Valiant – Jaswant Singh Khalra by Gurmeet Kaur

The Warrior Princess – Bibi Dalair Kaur by Harmeet Singh

The Warrior Princess: Mata Bhaag Kaur by Harmeet Singh

The Warrior Princess: Rani Sahib Kaur by Harmeet Singh

The Wheel of Surya by Jamila Gavin

Punjabi & Gurmukhi Learning

Bindi Baby Numbers (Punjabi) by Aruna K. Hatti

Let’s Learn Gurmukhi Through Animals by Sarbdeep Johal

Let’s Learn Punjabi Alphabet by Jaspreet Kaur

Punjabi Board Books by Creative Mann Co

Sikh Student Learning – Punjabi language activity books

The Toddler’s Handbook (Punjabi)

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