Donate to Kaur Life Durring Dasvandh Week

The countdown is underway to the 9th annual DasvandhWeek of 2021! 

DasvandhWeek is an opportunity, as a community, to continue supporting the work of Sikh activists and their causes…like Kaur Life! DasvandhWeek 2021 starts on Friday, November 5th at 12pm ET and runs until Sunday, November 14th. Donate quickly so your donation is matched!

Be sure to give to Kaur Life!

Why you should consider donating to Kaur Life:

  1. To support Kaurs in developing their Sikhi, identity, and confidence! Many Kaurs face discrimination from racism to sexism (and everything in between). It can be hard to develop a strong sense of self and community in hostile environments. Which is where Kaur Life comes in! We try hard to give Kaurs a space to explore and create their identities.
  2. So we can develop our own narratives! If we don’t tell our own stories, then either they will never be told, or they’ll be incorrectly told by someone else….Another reason why you should donate to Kaur Life during Dasvandh Week. Building a Sikh community that lasts throughout time can be done in part by creating a powerful and shared narrative. Kaur Life strives to tell our community’s stories, to share our history, and to amplify the voices of Kaurs.
  3. Help make the Sikh Panth stronger! Kaur and Sikh women’s voices, stories, and experiences are often left out of the historical and contemporary narratives of the Sikh experience. When we are mentioned, we are often identified by our relation to men, as wives, daughters, sisters or mothers to a male, but our unique voice and perspective is ignored. How can we be a strong Panth when this is happening? Kaur Life attempts to fill these gaps by providing a platform, resources, and a support network for Kaurs and Sikh women.
  4. Support our writers! We have a small group of very dedicated contract writers. To honor their labor, time, and skill, Kaur Life would LOVE to eventually pay them a market rate honorarium….and we can with your help! If you enjoy reading Kaur Life articles, consider donating today so we can support our writers and keep those articles coming!
  5. To keep Kaur Life alive! Did you know Kaur Life runs on a shoe-string budget? Since 2014, we have been lean and streamline. This way, we can be sure to have the funds needed to serve folks far and wide. We can increase our outreach and our impact (through space and time) with your help!
  6. Give, like the Gurus taught us! One of Guru Nanak’s three golden rules, Vand Chhako (give before you take), has inspired Sikhs to take care of humanity, and Waheguru’s creation, for over 500 years! Guru Nanak Sahib wrote about seva in many shabads, notably, “One who works for what they eat, and gives some of what they have, Oh Nanak, it is that one who knows Waheuguru’s path.” (Guru Nanak Sahib, Ang 1245). The idea of sharing what you earn was institutionalized by Guru Arjan Sahib as “dasvandh,” or giving 10% of what you earn to those in need.
  7. It will make you happy and show us you care! We really hope you chose to support our efforts. 🙏🏽We would be so grateful! 💕🤗
  8. Your donation will be matched!

Matching Policy

We’d like to share Dasvandh Network’s Matching Policy. You can review to see how you can amplify your giving!

Here’s a quick summary of the key points of this year’s policy

  • The matching code will be active beginning at 12PM EST on November 5th, 2021
  • $400 single donation match limit (e.g., $1,000 donation will get a $400 match)
  • If there are multiple projects from the same organization in the cart, the match code will only apply to one of the projects
  • Each independent organization (or independent project if not a listed organization) is capped at $10,000 in matching funds for DasvandhWeek (“prizes” don’t count towards the cap, so an organization can receive more than $10,000 if allotted a “prize”)

One other exciting update to create more ease and amplify your giving, you will not have to enter a matching code at check out as it will be automatically applied.

Dasvandh Network will be in touch with folks throughout the week as the match fund runs out or if any additional incentives ariseYou can email them email them at before making a donation if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support! 

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