We found some stunning photos of Sikh women from 1912 to 1961. To know who we are as a people, we look to our ancestors who carved out new lives and upheld old traditions. Kaur Life strives to share as many vintage photos of Sikh women with the community. This way, when think about Sikh history, we no longer have blank minds, but rather a rich bank of images to recall. If you have old or vintage photos of Sikh women, we would love to share them! Submit them to Hello(at)kaurlife.org. See our entire collection of vintage photos here.

Children (may be Sikh, Hindu, and/or Muslim) in the village Mozang near Lahore, 1912. Source: Kitab Trinjan, http://bit.ly/2mtAQcx


Harbans Kaur is seated. In her lap is her son, Harbhajan Singh, with her daughters, Satwant Kaur and Joginder Kaur. 1913, Hong Kong. Source: SAADA, http://bit.ly/2nbx4ZB


Nachhattar Kaur with Harbhajan Singh (age nine months). Shanghai, 1929. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2mtMR1j


In the center, Nachhattar Kaur Sangha, with two other Sikh women in Shanghai, China in 1930. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2ntlshG


Left to right: Ranjit Singh Sangha, Mohinder Kaur Sangha, Harbhajan Singh Sangha.  Photograph taken in a photographer’s studio.  Jaskaran Sangha wrote: “My dad [Ranjit Singh Sangha] vividly remembers the time when this photograph was taken, he was not in the mood to be be photographed – as such put the finger in his mouth.” Mid 1930, Shanghai. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2mPfmdc
Studio portrait of Kartar Singh Sangha, Nachattar Kaur Sangha and a child.  Shanghai, 1920s-1930s. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2n0SpnT


Left to right: Nachhattar Kaur Sangha, Mohinder Kaur Sangha, Harbhajan Singh Sangha, Kartar Singh Sangha, Ranjit Singh Sangha. Mid 1930s, Shanghai. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2n0QGix


Left to right: Chinese amah (domestic servant) holding Mohinder Kaur Sangha, Nachhattar Kaur Sangha, Ranjit Singh Sangha, Kartar Singh Sangha and Harbhajan Singh Sangha. 1936, Shanghai. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2n0Y11I


Left to right, sitting: Harbhajan Singh Sangha, Mohinder Kaur Sangha, Ranjit Singh Sangha. Chinese amah (domestic servant) standing. 1936, Shanghai. Source: University of Bristol, http://bit.ly/2ntt3x0


Learning to write Punjabi, by Gopal Singh Chandan. Nairobi, Kenya, 1946. Source: Kitab Trinkan, http://bit.ly/2n0PifS


Satwant Kaur speaks at the reception for Bhagwan Singh Gyanee’s return to India. 1958, Bombay, India. Source: SAADA, http://bit.ly/2muc7Fx


Bhagwan Singh Gyanee with Kanwaljit Kaur. 1961, Solan, India. Source: SAADA, http://bit.ly/2mPqwP7


Photograph of Bhagwan Singh Gyanee with family and friends in Solan, India in 1961. Source: SAADA, http://bit.ly/2mKjs53