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The following photos are from photo album “Sikh Manchester” from the Manchester Archives+ Flickr Page. Archives+ aims to create an archive center of the Manchester Central Library (England). It offers a purpose-built showcase and repository for the region’s archive of family history, community history, and personal heritage. The photos here are mostly from Manchester, England, with a few from India and range from 1940 to 1962. If you have old photos of Sikh women that you’d like to share, send them to! To see other vintage photos we’ve featured, click here.

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Wedding guests. Photo taken in Moss Side. Circa 1960s.

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Left to right: Jagdish Kaur (Kartar’s youngest sister who now lives in Scotland), Iqbal Kaur (Kartar’s middle sister, who now lives in Manchester), Punjab Kaur ( a friend from Scotland), Kartar Kaur. A studio portrait in Glasgow in 1954.


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A Sikh family: a father, his son and two daughters. Naylor Street, Hulme, Manchester, 1962. Photo by H. Milligan.

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Husband and wife with child. Akashi Singh, Puran Singh (child) and Muday Kaur. Taken in Bombay, India. 1940.

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Karam Kaur from Bombay, India who was brought to England by her son, Sardar Singh. Photo was taken in Bombay in 1940.

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Unknown Kaur and two young Singhs with friends.

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Inder Kaur. Photo taken in All Saints Studio in 1958.

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This photo was taken in Nottingham, England in 1956 on the engagement of Mr. Sardar Singh Landa and Mrs. Reeje Kaur. These were some of the guests who travelled from Manchester to Nottingham. Mrs. Inder Kaur (Sardar Singh’s mother) is second from the left. Sitting in her lap is Sardar Singh’s younger sister, Harbachan Kaur.

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The men (and some of their young daughters) who accompanied the women (in the photo above) for the engagement of Mr. Sardar Singh and Mrs. Reeje Kaur. 1956. Nottingham, England.

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Children Playing in Robert Street, 1957. On the right is Manjeet Singh (the eldest son of Mr. Bahadar Singh) at the age of five. In the middle is Manjeet’s elder sister, Santosh Kaur, who is holding her younger sister Jeet Kaur. On the left is Paul, a friend of the children.

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A family photo taken in 1967 at the their home in 181 Upper Brook Street. Right to left: Jeet Kaur, youngest daughter of Mr. Bahadar Singh), Santosh Kaur, Mrs Lajvanti Kaur (mother of children), Manjeer Singh, Gurpal Singh second son (front), Gurdial Singh, youngest son (back).

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Santosh Kaur and Rani Kaur are standing in front of their father, Bahadar Singh. In the arms of Lajvanti Kaur (the children’s mother) is baby Manjeet Singh. Taken in 1953.

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Mr. Sardar Singh’s immediate family. 1971.

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From left to right: Prabhjot Kaur (niece, Iqbal’s daughter aged 8), Gursharon Kaur (age 7), Mr. S.S. Sagar Kartar’s brother-in-law holding Rawindar Kaur (Jagdish Kaur’s daughter).

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Composite Photo, 1945 to 1948. Left to right: Har Kaur (mother of Dhunda Singh Pritam), Mrs. Kartar Pritam, Jagdish Kaur (donor’s younger sister), and Dhunda Singh Pritam. This photo is two separate photos merged together. Mr. Pritam made the photo because he had never been photographed with his mother. The three women were photographed in India c. 1945. Mr. Pritam’s photo was take in England in 1948. he composited the two photos soon after.