Attachment to Duality

by Harpreet Kaur

As a Sikh women, I strive to understand what Vaheguru is saying to us about learning how to let go of attachment. Whether this is through family or love for Vaheguru. How can we truly fall in love with Vaheguru? The poem below is having understanding how to truly let go of this attachment and I hope to leave you thinking about your own life, and how we can steps towards truly loving Vaheguru.

Attachment to Duality

To become attached to the world around you
Me, myself and I, this is what is important.
To see duality, to see we are all attached,
we can’t let go, to see the One.
To give up everything and be with the One.
To see no matter how much we clean from ourselves from the inside, it will never be enough,
Until we truly, don’t give our mind, body and soul.
To renounce our love for the One.
To believe in their existence.
To see no matter what, they are there with every breath.
To live in the One’s will, to think this body is not ours, this mind is not ours, this soul belongs to the One.
The things we are attached too, to learn to give them up.
For we will be born again and again.
To wander around in pain.
To see our life is wasting away in sleep.
Not at the One’s feet, to grab a hold and never let go, to understand our very existence, to expel all pain and sorrow, to see life in poise and pride.
To give up everything and live in the Truth, for this is what will save us from this world and beyond.
Don’t let go, don’t be scared, take each step as if it were your last, ask the One for advice.
Praise the Name of the One, to stay strong, to see happiness and pain as One.
Be thankful for each day.
Self awareness, realization, understanding, oneness, to let go of duality, without feeling. To see the One’s greatness from within, this is the only way we will embrace the One.
To feel the praises that need to be sung, to attach to the One’s charan, to live in there dharam.







Photo by the US Dept of State