The Doli Ceremony

Most people who have attended a Punjabi wedding are most likely familiar with the Doli Ceremony: the moment when the bride ceremoniously leaves her parents’ home and departs for her husband’s home. Depending on the family culture, this ceremony could be filled with sadness, joy, or a combination of both. It could be uneventful, or full of games.

Two Kaurs, Harroop Kaur and Kirpa Kaur, are conducing a survey to understand how Sikhs perceive the Doli Ceremony. They just finished Part 1 and have now launched Part 2.

“Have you ever been to a doli?” they ask, “What do you remember the most about it? The games or the good-byes? What do you think about this part of the wedding? Is it something you look forward to or try to avoid?

We’re doing a new research project that delves into the world of doli and we’d love to know what you think! Please take the next few minutes to fill out our questionnaire and help us better understand what this mysterious and emotional ceremony is all about!”

You can take their survey here: Part 1. Part 2.

If you have any questions about the research, you can contact these two Kaur at:

Harroop and Kirpa would also like to interview a few people for more in-depth answers.  Would you be interested in doing an in-person, phone or online interview?  If so email:

The first discussion of the research will be presented at SAFAR’s 2014 Our Journeys Conference in Michigan on Saturday November 8, 2014.  A summary of the research, along with a history of the Doli Ceremony will be posted here on Kaur Life! Stay tuned!