Kaurs’ Spoken Word

Spoken word: performance-based poetry that focuses on the aesthetics of word play and story telling by using dynamics of tone, gestures, and facial expressions.

Below is a collection of spoken word pieces by Kaurs who performed at Lahir over the years. They weave components of rhyme, repetition, and slang into their poetry to create an atmosphere for the audience to experience their stories.

Lahir is a platform for Sikh artists to express themselves through the power of the arts. Lahir believes that the Sikh community needs strong and diverse voices in the community to help educate others and ourselves about the historical, political, social and economic issues that affect Sikhs.

Enjoy and be inspired!


Divpreet Kaur: Sovereignty & revolutionary action


Satinderpal Kaur: 1984 Operation Blue Star

Jasjeet Kaur & Sirtaj Kaur

Junior Sikh Coalition

Kaurageous: Hair

Harmeet Kaur & Harpryia Kaur: Racism, hate, & the ideal world

Harleen Kaur: 1984