Kara: An Art Expression

By Harleen Kaur & Rasna Kaur

“Kara” is the fourth set in an art series called “Kakaars.” “Kakaars,” a poetry and photo series uncovering the identity of the Sikh female. Through Harleen’s creative writing and Rasna’s visual storytelling, we hope to show another side of what the Kaur identity means to us. While our own experiences have undoubtedly impacted our understanding of the project, we hope that each and every Kaur can also bring her narrative to the series. Most importantly, this project is not only about our own experiences as Kaurs, but strives to empower all Sikh females to create an understanding for themselves.

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Kara: Sacrifice


A single, solitary fist

Stood up against the sky


“I need five heads, who will give their life?”


Sarbloh: pure iron, unyielding and true

Representing the purity I try to create

Within me

Reflecting You



Akaal moorat






Circularly representing the sacrifice

I must make of my own mind

Impart your wisdom onto mine

Let me become pure


I reach my fingers towards the sky

Hoping to find some glimpse

Of what might be waiting for me

Of what there is of you


But iron, cold against my wrist

Reminding me to look inside

Forge my work out of fire

It is all Divine


My core identity pulled in separate directions

My Kaur identity always asking me questions

Wanting to please those around me

Wanting to please You inside of me

I reach forward, I’m pulled back

Tell me, how do I give myself to You?


Fingers reach upwards

Golden brown against a pure blue sky

Pure iron glinting with sunlight

Still searching

For You