Feel Punjab

by Divpreet Kaur


Save Punjab

It says on the outline right above my heart

the revolution in my DNA

that needs to bleed out


the cocoon of safe ignorance

so many around me aimlessly walk in

it is an itch

under my skin

my chest holding the weight of Punjab’s map

the fabric of the fading ink of the



of my motherland

someone once told me. it takes a 100 years. for a colored. migrant. community. to tell its story. in the opportune world of the western hemisphere.

I am impatient

It has been more than a 100 years

Oh yes we’re speaking up

Standing up

But I want the expressions. of those who hear. about the plight of my people. to be akin to outraged. not surprised or skeptical.

“Oh really?”

Yes, really!

We have bled

Indira’s hands are red

Modi is a vampire in waiting

Badal is a leech

Betrayal is to us what heart disease is to you

The largest cause of death

I feel the need to use every single one of my breaths

Until the air is thick with the history of my people

the history so many of us share

I feel the need to leave claw marks on the very fabric of ignorance

I feel the need to bind the worlds together with the shreds of my skin

I want you to feel it too