A Conversation with Self

by Rakind Kaur

Sometimes I think you are naive

sometimes you seem a hopeless romantic

At times I think

you might just be a true idealist

or perhaps the idiot

who ends up dead in some ditch

No matter how you see yourself

the fate of those

who stick to their hope

with uncompromising principles

is to become a unmarked tombstone;

so says the world.

Whatever the fate may be,

just that or even worse,

I am creature of nature,

who foster hopes and dreams.

I know not how to

not follow them,

or give up in-between.

And I know not

what that makes me

to this dreary world,

I stand by my feelings

true and strong

defening every thrust.

If I were to define it,

I would say

that’s what makes me Sikh.

I am a Kaur,

I need no saving.

I am the saver of the rest




Photo by Macro Eye