Being a Kaur: Top 10 Reasons

by Divneet Kaur

A just for fun, silly post. Not to be taken seriously. 

Ten reasons why being a Sikh Woman is great:

1. Big families rule and we have sisters for days.

2. Our wardrobes consist of the greatest combinations of colorful cardigans and tights…and matching is stupid (particularly with the rise of the hipster).

3. We knew about gender equality way before any of ya’all.

4. Our hair is rarely obscuring our vision, providing safer drivers and vigilant pedestrians for the world.

5. Before resumes became a thing, we were winning at free soup kitchens.

6. Prasad is delicious.

7. We are an overall less stressed bunch, as meditation is our jam, complimenting America’s discovery of the word, “wellness.”

8. No Christmas shopping necessary, though cookie consuming is encouraged.

9. The odds of us being tone deaf are lower based on no scientific research.

10. Top ten lists are lame and I am feeling overwhelmed by the necessity to write something all-encompassing/obvious. We are too smart for that, so your turn? Or please refer to number 6.