Are We Truly Sovereign?

Sikh woman Kaur holding kirpan sword


by Harnoor Singh

Kaur. When our Guru created this name what did they see?

They must have seen the manifestations of all the Kaurs that they made us into that day. They must have seen the face of Mata Bhaag Kaur and her roaring complexion as it jarred our brothers into remembering their purpose. They must have seen sovereignty. A sovereignty given to us that could not be taken away. A sovereignty that was solely ours for the taking. They must have seen us as their children that would carry on the legacy of the Eternal. They must have seen us as the Eternal itself. What we could become.

We blinded ourselves.

We let go of our sovereignty. We became a slave to a system. A system that left behind our sisters and tried to tame our legacy. A system that taught us to think we were sovereign, but not too sovereign, as to not topple the system. A system that tricked us into loving a master that enslaved us for so long. A system that tricked us into trying to please the master even as that master struck us down after every step we took. A system that made us forget our true Master. A system that made us forget the Master who showed us true sovereignty. A system that taught us that our sisters were not the same as us. That we were all not somehow of the same sovereign legacy. A system that ripped us apart and made us unworthy of the Singh that was shown to be within us that same day. We became unworthy.

Perhaps we have forgotten our history. Perhaps we forget the chaali who also became unworthy. Those chaali were saved by that same Kaur that the Guru saw within us.

We had the audacity to ignore.

It now comes on us for redemption if we have not already fallen too far. Our sisters reached out their arms to pull us out of the ditch and we smacked it away. We forsake our Guru, we lost our way, we became unworthy and planted our feet in that unworthiness. Can we find redemption?

Can we become worthy of the Singh that was shown to be within us? Can we become a whole again? Or will we left behind, slave to a system that has lead us astray?

The title “Sadhana” meaning “correction” is in reference to the author’s wish that we all help correct the current mentality of our panth to become more Guru-oriented.

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