Historical Photo Series

Photo Contest Winners

This past Mother’s Day, to celebrate Sikh mothers and mother-figures, Kaur Life & the Dasvand Network (DVN) ran a photo contest where readers were invited to submit “throw-back” and vintage photos of their mothers (or any Sikh woman). Be sure to check out all of the submissions.

We are proud to announce our two winners and one honorable mention!

Congratulations to our winners, Raman Kaur and Prit Kaur Gill! You will each be awarded a $100 gift card to any Sikh project on DVN. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos. They are all truly wonderful.

MOST VOTES: “Me and my Mom ” by Raman Kaur


Most Votes: “Me and my Mom circa 1967,” by Raman Kaur

BEST PICTURE:”My Mother” by Prit Kaur Gill


Best Picture: “Kulwinder Kaur Gill. (My mother). This picture was taken when she was at the tender age of 18. A very pious lady, soft-spoken, kind-hearted & jolly. Positivity runs in her veins; she is one of those human beings who makes the Earth a better to live,” by Prit Kaur Gill

HONORABLE MENTION: “My Grandmother Doing Paat,” by Ushkiran Kaur


Honorable Mention: “Bibi Mohinder Kaur 1932-2015. My grandmother doing paat, the greatest solace of her life, on a warm afternoon in Delhi in September, 2006. One of the most selfless persons I have ever had the honour to know, her entire life was devoted to sewa, that of the Guru Ghar as well as humanity in general. Besides being a caring mother, she was a dedicated teacher, a devoted wife, a loving sister, and above all, a devout Sikh,” By Ushkiran Kaur