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Kaur Careers: Interior Designer

Today’s Kaur Career features  interior designer Jasmeet Kaur. She has decorated for a range of different clients from the Parade of Homes to boutique hotels. Often times a lot of us just aren’t aware of all the career options out there. So, in an effort to highlight non-traditional career paths and to inspire Kaurs to explore different educational and job options, Kaur Life launched a new series called “Kaur Careers.”

Jasmeet Kaur loves to blend art and our Baani together: art that stirs the soul and Baani that feeds the soul. Baaniart presents nature, thoughts, abstraction, spirituality and tranquility of our Sikh scriptures in vibrant colors and mediums.

Jasmeet Kaur studied Textile Design from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) in New Delhi and worked for several years in the field of interior design. She started her own company Kaur Competency LLC, working with residential homes and boutique hotels. She now lives in San Antonio, Texas with her husband and two sons, Darsh and Jeeve.

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 11.35.45 AMName: Jasmeet Kaur

Occupation Interior designer for Kaur Competency and artist.

Education Textile Design & Development

Describe what you do: I envision spaces for individuals and help them express their personality. I design, decorate and remodel houses, hotels and boutique offices. This covers all areas: exterior selects, interior selects, space planning, furnishing and accessorizing. The Kaur Competency translates people’s ideas and dreams into a chic mix of their own personal space. I work with residential homes, offices, hotels, boutiques and restaurants. The services provided range from space planning, interior &exterior selections, furnishings,accessories to interior shopping consultancy. My designs embody a unique fusion of styles from all around the world. I work with residential homes and boutique hotels, combining culture with functionality, history with modernism and eclectic with contemporary.

When and how did you realize this was the career path for you? I enjoyed art since early childhood. I realized this is my passion after I started experimenting with fabrics in college. So I decided to combine arts with fabrics.The choices were so diverse as I worked with different yarns,applications and mediums and the results were amazing!

tumblr_mtpntvd9dB1qlvbd1o1_500What do you enjoy about your job the most? The ability to visualize something and physically see it take shape over days, weeks and sometimes, even over months.

Considering it is nontraditional, what were your parents’ reaction? How did you deal with their response? My parents were very happy initially and thought more of it as a hobby. As I established my own first studio and got business from all over the country, they felt proud and supported me emotionally and financially.

How do balance family and work and hobbies? It is certainly not easy. I have taken my children with me on installations and house calls! Managing your time is the key element to maintaining a balance between home, kids and work. It is important to view them all in totality and work patiently. As this is my own business, my hours are flexible. I can work during the night and take fewer projects during summer holidays.

How do you feel Sikhi inspires your work? As the Guru Granth Sahib Ji describes, Waheguru’s presence is in the air, in our breath and surrounds us all the time. There is a beauty in this presence. I believe there is a beauty in what we create. It starts from an idea on the paper and it encompasses others elements to make something beautiful. We have been given this ability to create.

What elements of Sikh values are in your work? Sikh values of patience, service, and perseverance are always a part of my work.

rmwebsite_118What lessons have you learned about Sikhi through your work? Always be true to what you believe in and focus on your goal. Everything falls into place.

What advice do you have for young Kaurs who are unsure of what career they should pursue? To the young Kaurs: Intern with people who are in that profession to understand the career. If you don’t feel inspired in a week, you may not enjoy it for a long term.