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Kaur Careers: Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentist, Anupreet Kaur, shares her experiences in our sixth article of “Kaur Careers”! Often times a lot of us just aren’t aware of all the career options out there. So, in an effort to highlight non-traditional career paths and to inspire Kaurs to explore different educational and job options, Kaur Life launched a new series called “Kaur Careers.”

1d5c030Name: Anupreet Kaur

Occupation: Pediatric Dentist

Education: BS – Psychology; Grad School – DMD; Post-Grad – Speciality in Pediatrics

Describe what you do:

Currently I’m in a training program focusing on providing dental care to the pediatric population.  Basically, I’m training to become a kid’s dentist! My goal is to give these kids a proper foundation for a healthy life, from childhood to adolescence and beyond… and to make going to the dentist a fun and positive experience!

When and how did you realize this was the career path for you?

I realized I wanted to specialize in pediatrics when I started noticing a trend with my adult patients — the ones that were most fearful were the ones that either had bad experiences when they were kids or never really had a “dental home”.  I decided that I wanted to be a part of the solution; I wanted to provide my patients with the tools and knowledge base to develop great preventative habits at a young age… so that they would never have to be in the position of having a negative experience at the dentist.

DSC_0638What do you enjoy about your job the most?

The most rewarding moments are when I get the opportunity to turn the anxious and apprehensive kids into the cooperative ones – that’s when I know I’m making a positive impact on their lives.  Oh, and the fun conversations I have with some of my patients makes it pretty enjoyable too!

How do balance family and work and hobbies?

Having an incredibly supportive family on both sides and an amazing husband definitely helps!

What elements of Sikh values are in your work?

I would say that the element of “seva” (selfless service) is in my line of work.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be given this life; and this is my way of giving back.

What advice do you have for young Kaurs who are unsure of what career they should pursue?

My advice for young Kaurs would be to explore what values matter to them the most; and to think about what sort of impact they want to make in the world. I would also encourage them to seek out the support and advice from sangat — we are very fortunate to have the sense of community where everyone wants to help one another.  And to always remember — Where there’s a will there’s a way!

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Anupreet on a mission trip to Ecuador