She is Kaur: A Poem

by Lakhpreet Kaur

A Kaur calls to your soul

Put your ear to her heart and listen

Hear the names of the Kaurs before her, the prayers they read

Listen to the heartbeat of every living thing echo in her chest

She is beyond youth, deeper than beauty

Her soul is free, she is liberation

She gives us life, she gives us breath, she gives us blood

Look into her eyes and see the eyes of her ancestors, full of joy and cheer

Feel her hands and feel the hands of her grandmothers who worked the soil

Watch her walk and see the stride of warrior Kaurs who held their swords

Hear her voice echoing with the voices of Kaurs long ago in a Punjab, far away

See her love, and see a fire beyond death

She is a force of love, ignited by great Kaurs.

Do not resist her love

Embrace her in your soul

She dreams of peace as her mind is full of wars fought by her sisters.

She sings the shabads that were once on the lips of the ancients

She brushes her fingers through her kesh and feels the unbroken strands, 500 years long.

Her ancestral memory wells up in her visions, her voice, her power

She is wild

She is unbroken

She is timeless

She is Kaur