The Story of Four Kaurs

by Mehartaaj Singh

This is a short story about four Kaurs in my life. These Kaurs have always been loving, caring and supportive. They’ve always been there for me, so I’ve never felt alone. When I was a shy kid, they encouraged me to speak up. They helped push me, so I could make some lifelong dreams come true. They told me to follow my heart and not follow the money in life. They said if I follow my heart, I will define my own success. They told me, “Don’t do what society wants you to do, do what you want to do.” When I switched majors from pharmacy to something I loved since I was a kid, some classmates gave me grief saying I was “taking the easy way out.” But these Kaurs told me to keep my head up and keep doing what I love. When I had a hard time finding a job, they told me to not get discouraged because the right job will find me someday.

They educated me that everything in life happens for a reason, and each bad experience is just another learning opportunity. They’ve shown me how to look at the positives in bad situations. They’ve reminded me that what has happened in the past isn’t going to change, and I should focus on the present. They’ve shown me how I shouldn’t focus on what I don’t have, rather I need to appreciate what I have. They reminded me that regardless of what happens, be grateful to Guru Ji everyday that I have been put in the situation I’ve been put in.

I can proudly say that everyday I’m thankful to Guru Ji that I am currently in the situation I’m in. There are times I forget how great I have it, but once I remember what I’ve got, I usually end up feeling better. When people ask me the question “If there’s anything in the past you could change what would it be?” I usually reply with “Absolutely nothing.” Why? I always learn something about myself in every event I attend, every person I meet, and every place I visit. These Kaurs, my Sikhi and my life experiences so far, have shaped me into the person I have become today: a happy, positive minded person. So why would I want to change any of that?

You all might be wondering by now, who are these four Kaurs? The answer is probably surprising, but I’m talking about the four other members of my family: my dad, mom, brother, and sister. I’m going to guess your next reaction to be “Why are your brother and dad two of the four Kaurs?” The answer is simple. Gender roles were pretty minimal in my household growing up, and each of my family members had personal elements of Singhs and Kaurs within them. Might sound cheesy, but it’s true. I really could talk to any of these four about almost anything without feeling weird about it. Each of them has taught me valuable life lessons, and without them I wouldn’t be the individual I am today.

So ends the story of the four Kaurs.

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