Hot Weather Fashion

by Harleen Kaur

Summer may be almost over, but the hot weather is lingering on! Get ready for school in style by beating the heat with cool fashion suggestions. You won’t be sweating walking up those hills on campus anymore!

As a Kaur who keeps all of her kes, finding clothes for warm weather that will keep me cool and covered is always a challenge. Sleeves often play magic tricks and don’t actually cover armpits, the cut-out trend ruins my ability to wear many shirts and dresses, and there’s always an issue of finding pants or leggings that are still semi-breathable. Being in DC this summer and NYC last summer have provided new challenges with battling heat, sun, and humidity, and making sure I don’t get to work looking like a sweaty mess. To help you stay cool and cute, here are some tips:

Maxi dresses are a Kaur’s best friend, especially maxi dresses with sleeves. These are definitely my favorite parts of my wardrobe for the summer, because you don’t have to worry about adding any other components to your outfit! Maxi dresses can be super casual for a weekend hangout with friends, or they can be fancier for a night out. Make your call based on the pattern, fabric, and design. But, no matter what, you’ll definitely stay cool!



Patterned and colorful tights make things pop. Don’t think of tights or leggings as a burden, think of them as another way to accessorize. I love finding black tights with cool patterns like stripes or flowers, or colorful opaque tights that let me emphasize a color in a dress. Pro tip: if you’re not sure how opaque or sheer tights are, test it out by putting your arm down one of the legs to see.



Cardigans aren’t just for grandmas. But aren’t cardigans to keep you warm? Yes, sometimes, but there are variations and you can make some work for summer if you want to wear a sleeveless top or dress. Look for short sleeve cardigans, and also cardigans that are thinner material. If it’s a looser fit you can also roll up the sleeves. And don’t forget — lighter colors don’t pick up the sun as easily, so try to stick with those.



Fabric matters. This one I learned from my mom. The kind of fabric you wear makes a huge difference in the amount of heat your body will pick up. Cotton is the best material for hot, sunny days, and linen and rayon are close followers. As a general rule, natural materials are more “breathable” and will not retain heat as much. Wool and silk are not so great, as they retain heat. Jersey material is also great, as it’s strechy and made from cotton material.
Summer scarves. Again, scarves are usually perceived as a winter item, but with lighter polyester and cotton fabrics, scarves can be great for the summer to accessorize. They can also be a great alternative to a cardigan if you wrap it like a shawl!
Any tips of your own? Send them our way! We’d love to share


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