Sikh. Punjabi. Feminist.

by David Goehring

Singhs have a great role to play in helping to empower women and supporting their Kaur sisters. Some do a wonderful job in working for equality, while others hurt the cause. Kirty Kaur Singh wrote a poem to those men who hold Kaurs down.  

Sikh. Punjabi. Feminist. by Kirty Kaur Singh

Sikh. Punjabi. Feminist.

Those words

are labels

to MY

self spoken identity

Ones that call for my faith

my culture

and my beliefs in

a righteous world

But then Brother,

why do you hold so much malice for me,

when these three words

are stringed together?

Why do i sense fear?

Are you afraid?

Afraid to speak your mind?

So much,

that you wouldn’t want to


the sisters 

that fight daily against oppression,

ones against our faith ,

against our homeland


as soon as You

are called out

on your Privilege

That YOU

might encompass

the role as a oppressor

You hold your tongue,

not because

it has the power

to destroy your sisters,

but because

your Ego can’t stand

to see itself

be wrong.

it blocks your vision

and you

are not a brother,

someone that protects

and upholds

your sisters,  Kaurs,

but someone

that is a

timid bigot

that hold his tongue

out of fear

of criticisms

that he cannot take

and will not change

Dear Brother,

if you feel


when us sisters speak out mind

Maybe YOU,

are the problem

and YOUR words

cause us hurt

Hurt that

you will not


and that saddens me


are a Singh

You are


But you have failed

to uphold

Equality for your sisters

the ones dictated by

our Gurus

Our birthright

which You fail to see

how you are NOT apart of

the solution

but the Problem

as you take

Our cry for help

Our need for you to be there

as your personal crucifixion

So yes,

I am a SIKH.



One that will not hold tyranny

against my people and all people

Even if its YOU,


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