My Dear Americans

Check out Arpita Kumar’s film My Dear Americans,  a short narrative about a Sikh woman’s defiant spirit in the face of racism.

It is the only South Asian film that is an official selection for the PBS Online Film Festival and up for the People’s Choice Award. If you like it, vote for it by July 31st online on PBS’ website.


Synopsis: A short narrative funded by Film Independent and PBS, My Dear Americans is about a Sikh woman’s defiant spirit. A recent immigrant to the U.S, Tejpreet Kaur is reluctant to embrace her new American identity. In contrast, her husband celebrates everything that mildly reeks of America. On America’s most patriotic holiday, the fourth of July, they have a threatening racist encounter that crushes the Sikh man’s enthusiastic spirit. Witnessing her husband’s devastation, Tejpreet makes a choice against hate and turns the situation around, if only momentarily.