Naam Simran Melodies

Get your meditation on with Amrita “Ami” Kaur Dang’s new track Naam Simran!

A wave of harmonies, melodies, and flowing beats will wash over you when you listen to Naam Simran. It will put you into a light trance and guide you to focus on Waheguru. You’ll feel like it ends too soon and wish it went on forever.

On this trackAmi layers vocals with ambient electronics to create a peaceful, meditative, yet engaging naam simran session. You can hear the influence of Sikhi in the music from the singing of Waheguru to the classical Sikh style of vocal control.


Ami is a vocalist, sitarist, and composer/producer from Baltimore, MD and New Delhi, India. Her sound ranges from North Indian classical fused with noise/ambient electronics to experimental dancepop that comes together to create a new genre she calls “Bollywave.”

Ami began studying music at a young age and picked up the sitar when she was twelve years old.  After years of North Indian classical music training, she studied Technology in Music and Related Arts at Oberlin College Conservatory of Music.  Her current sound references her musical education as well as the grit of the urban landscapes of both Baltimore and New Delhi.

Released in February 2011 on Ehse Records, Ami’s debut album “Hukam” was heralded as #7 among top albums of 2011 by Chapel Hill’s WXYC 89.3 FM and one of the best 30 albums of 2011 by Small World Music.

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