Topic Ideas for Singh Contributors

Singhs! We want to hear from you too!

Do you want to contribute to Kaur Life but don’t know what to submit? Do you need some ideas to get started? Maybe some of the following prompts will help you write something!


  • Write an article about a Kaur who inspires you.
  • Write about a notable Kaur at the top of her field or doing creative work.
  • Write a short article on a historical Sikh woman.
  • Write about Kaurs who excel in sportss
  • How do you challenge the patriarchy?
  • How has the patriarchy has hurt you?


  • How do you support the women in your life achieve their goals or push against gender roles?
  • How has a Sikh woman (your sister, mother, aunt, cousin, friend or grandmother) influenced your Sikhi? how have they made you a better Sikh?
  • What qualities do you look for in a Kaur when pursuing a relationship?
  • How do you raise your daughter(s) to be strong Sikh women?
  • How do you raise your son(s) to be respectful of women? and to help create the egalitarian society the Guru worked towards?
  • How has your wife helped shape your Sikhi?
  • Write about domestic violence in the Sikh community and potential solutions.
  • Have you seen discrimination against Kaurs and what did you do to work against it?
  • How has seeing a Kaur being excluded because of her sex/gender make you feel?
  • Write about gender roles (how it helps or hurts Singhs and Kaurs).


  • Write a review on books by and for Kaurs.


  • Translate/interpret shabads that deal with women’s issues.


  • Write a poem about a Kaur or Kaur issues.
  • Submit spoken word about a Kaur or Kaur issues.
  • Submit art with Kaur or Kaur issues as the subject.
  • Submit photography with Kaur or Kaur issues as the subject.
  • Submit a short film with Kaur or Kaur issues as the subject.