Contribution Ideas

Do you want to contribute to Kaur Life, but don’t know what to write about? Here are a few prompts to get you started. For more ideas, email us .


  •  How has Sikhi affected your life?
  • How has Sikhi helped you through a challenging moment in your life?
  • What do you love about Sikhi the most?
  • How do you live a Guru-centered life?
  • How do you raise your kids as Sikhs in America?
  • What is the role of the Khalsa in modern America?
  • How do you live a mindful life?
  • How do you deal with discrimination?
  • Simran styles and techniques.
  • Have you seen discrimination against someone and what did you do to work against it?
  • Write a Sikh wedding guide.
  • Write about your own anand karaj expereince.
  • How has marriage helped you get closer to Waheguru?

Notable Kaurs:

  • Write about a notable Kaur at the top of her field or doing creative work.
  • Interview a Kaur that inspires you.
  • Write a short article on a historical Kaur.
  • Write an article about a Kaur who inspires you.


  • How has your sister or mother or grandmother (or other Kaur) influenced your Sikhi?
  • How do you raise your children to be strong Kaurs?
  • How do you raise your children to be respectful of women, Kaurs and all people? and to help create the egalitarian society the Guru worked towards?
  • Write about domestic violence in the Sikh community and potential solutions.
  • Write about gender roles (how it helps or hurts Singhs and Kaurs).

Bana & Saroop:

  • Write a tutorial on how to drape cool chunis.
  • Write a tutorial on dastar tying.
  • Write a tutorial on cool hair styles.
  • Provide sewing patterns for kacheras.
  • Write a prom dress guide for kesh dhari Kaurs.
  • Write a fashion guide for an amrit dhari woman.
  • Write about the Kaur identity.


  • Translate/interpret shabads that deal with gender issues.


  • Write about Kaurs who excel in sport.s


  • Write a review on books by and for Kaurs and books about Sikhi.
  • What’s your favorite book on Sikhi? Why?


  • Write about domestic violence in the Sikh community.
  • Write about gender roles.
  • If you are LGBTQIA+, write about your experiences.
  • How do you challenge the patriarchy? How does it hurt or help you?


  • Review your favorite Sikh apps.

Health & Wellness: 

  • Write a product review: shampoo, conditioner, eyebrow gel, hair dryers, straighteners, hair brushes.
  • Write about hair care tips and tricks.
  • Self esteem in Sikhi.