A Letter to Waheguru

Dear Waheguru Ji,
Every day you show me how beautiful you are. 
Every day you show me the TRUE meaning of kirpa.
Every day you show me the greatness of having bharosa.
The path of simran has led me to another level of existence.  
You showed me that kirpa happens.
You showed me that you are within us and outside of all.
You give so much, your love is unconditional. You’re forgiving and pure. Why question your faith?
Many years went by with an empty feeling and the question, “Where are you?” 
The answer is now known. You were always within. 
You held my hand through all walks of life…
You held my hand through all the battles I faced…
You held my hand through all the painful moments….
You held my hand through all the happy times…
You held my hand and didn’t let go of your daughter.
We all struggle, we all question. But one thing is for sure, Waheguru is ang sung and that bhalla will always be that special connection I cherish.
By doing simran, miracles happen, kirpa happens.
By staying connected at all times, your life will change. 
My love,
My best friend,
My father,
Rosey Kaur

Raminder “Rosey” Kaur has over eight year’s practical experience in teaching, community service, call centre operation and production management, United Nations humanitarian aid relief work, project coordination and special events. She is a natural tabla player and musician which captures the hearts of the children she teaches every day. Raminder is the owner of a Montessori curriculum-based school, Concept1 Learning Centre, which was inspired by her late father, Sardar Rawal Singh. She is actively involved in cultural arts and community development, including challenging, inspiring and mentoring young females in the Sikh community. Raminder holds a degree in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.

Photo by Green Chameleon

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  • Vini
    05/28/2017 at 7:45 pm

    This is a True Sikh Saint Warrior

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