Bana & Saroop

Things All Long Haired Folks Face

This article is just for fun. It’s not meant to be serious. It’s mean to bring a smile to your face. We all love our long, beautiful locks and understand what a precious gift it is from Waheguru. It’s a connection to our Sikhi. But sometimes…it can get a little frustrating…

1. You are constantly losing hair things and finding them in the strangest places. But when you need one, you cannot find it.



2. You have a favorite comb and freak out when you can’t find it.


3. “Long hair style” ideas in magazine don’t work on your extra long locks.


4. You have to clean your vacuum weekly of “collateral damage.”



5. You have to clean your shower drain daily or your it will end up looking like Big Foot’s nest.

6. “Strong hold” anything (hair clips, hair spray) is never “strong enough.”

7. You’re asked, “Is your hair real?” every two months or so.

8. You buy the family size shampoo for yourself….or the bulk size.

9. Your mom’s always commenting on how your hair looks thin and therefore you aren’t eating properly.

10. Your hair gets caught on everything.


11. Your friends find long pieces of your hair on their clothes.


12. You can’t hang out with your friends some nights because you have to wash your hair and that’s a 3 hour ordeal.


13. Blow drying your hair takes forever and makes your arm hurt but air drying it leaves your back wet and a puddle wherever you go.


14. People ask you, “Are you growing it out for Locks of Love? That’s so nice!” and then you kind of feel like a jerk when you say, “No.”


15. You ask for brand-name Moroccan Oil or a trip to the Blow Dry Bar for your birthday.