New Punjabi Kids Books to Hit the Shelves

by Lakhpreet Kaur

Growing up, there were very few kids books in Punjabi geared to someone like me who was born in and grown up in the United States: books with bright, simple pictures and kid-friendly language. So, my dad would spend hours cutting up my English picture books and pasting together a new little book for me by adding Punjabi text. I read things like “Clifford the Big Red Dog” that my dad had just translated into Punjabi. But this was a lot of work for him and the practice quickly faded out.

Gurmeet Kaur

Gurmeet Kaur

Other parents simply don’t have the time or resources in their busy schedule to make their own Punjabi books for their kids. Some fear that their kids may never learn Punjabi while they recognize the importance of reading and understanding Punjabi.

The ability to read Gurmukhi opens up a whole world of Sikh knowledge and history, along with the confidence and comfort of being able to read the Guru Granth Sahib.

Luckily, Gurmeet Kaur saw the need for updated, modernized Punjabi kids book, and in 2013, she launched a set of three board books in a series called the Fascinating Folktalkes of Punjab.

For the first time ever, the enchanting folktales of Punjab, which are quickly disappearing, come alive in Punjabi & English board books for all to enjoy,” Gurmeet says.

The first three titles include in the series, “The Sparrow and the Pippal,” “The Sparrow and the Crow,” and “The Lamb and the Dhol.”

Gurmeet goes on to explain that the books help kids in learning to read Gurmukhi, but they also preserve Punjabi oral history. “Not too long ago, in the land of Punjab, folktales were a part of the nightly routine, that everyone looked forward to. Sadly, they have been disappearing. Soon, they will be completely lost. But, we won’t let that happen!” said Gurmeet .

Screen shot 2014-09-30 at 11.23.37 AMJasmine Kaur, a mother of two toddlers, said, “This set of three folktales in Panjabi are a fun vocabulary building resource in our house with our two little kids.  Currently, we read these books three to four times a day or more. The repetitiveness in the book helps children finish rhymes easily and with much excitement.  These board books are perfect for preschoolers because much wear and tear can be tolerated”

Now, Gurmeet Kaur is happy to announce the release of two new books to the set! “The Farmer and the Dove,” and “The Very Hungry Ant” join the set making a grand total of 5 books.

These stories are sure to delight your children and connect them with Punjabi heritage,” said Gurmeet, “This is a rare opportunity to share these ancient tales with your family, friends, classrooms or playgroups.”

These books have been printed in a limited number, so order your copies today!

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