Sikh Love Stories – Part 2 – The Team

Kaurs Reimagine” will be a collection of stories submitted by Sikh women and gender queer, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals exploring Guru Nanak Sahib’s vision for a new world. This is the team that’s spearheading the project.

To learn more about “Kaurs Reimagine” check out our interview with Meeta Kaur.


Meeta Kaur

Meeta Kaur is a multiverse writer, storyteller, speaker, advocate, and educator.  Meeta is the creator and editor of “Her Name Is Kaur:  Sikh American Women Write About Love, Courage, and Faith,”  published by She Writes Press, 2014.  In conjunction with the writing life, she completes her graduate work in Political Communications at American University with a concentration in political speech writing.  Kaur sits on the DEI Committees for American University School of Communication, the Connelly School of the Holy Child, and Burning Tree Elementary.  Additionally, she organizes for Sikhs Against Abuse in Washington D.C., . 

Kaur has written for NPR, Hyphen Magazine, San Jose Mercury News, New Jersey Voices, Tayo Press, Kaur Life, Sikh Chic, and Asian Week. Kaur was also awarded the Hedgebrook Residency for fiction, the alumni return for creative non-fiction, and The Elizabeth George grant for fiction. She graduated with an MFA in creative writing from Mills College, and a B.S. and B.A. from the University of California, Davis. 

What got you excited about this project?  “I have been reading and discussing Sikh feminist texts with a young cohort of Kaurs for a few years now.  They expressed interest and excitement in a Volume 2 of “Her Name Is Kaur”  which has evolved into “Kaurs Reimagine”.  The journey has been exciting, creative, challenging, and worth the effort.  We are breaking down a lot of stereotypes across generations and experiencing the treasure of intergenerational project teams.  

Vineet Sidhu

Vineet Kaur is a Behavioural Neuroscientist and Dietitian. She loves to explore how individual systems interact to form global patterns therefore adapting her understanding of cognitive theories to explore spiritual elements of faith and wonder. As a founding member of Sikh Heritage Manitoba and “Kaur Reimagine”,  Vineet hopes to engage in Guru-centered projects, leadership, community initiatives, and introspection.

What got you excited about this project? “I am most exited for the ‘Kaurs Reimagine’ project to acknowledge the intense yet diverse inner experiences we have when connecting with Oneness. By giving voice to this quiet internal journey we can begin lighting a path towards Begumpura (a worry-free state).

Abinash Kaur

Abinash Kaur is a medical scribe and aspiring physician with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. She enjoys being involved in local projects that educate, uplift, and liberate her community members and in social justice projects. She loves to travel and wishes to experience the full color palette of the world.

What got you excited about this project?  “I would love to see and hear more about Kaurs in action, bringing Sikh ideology to life. I am excited to see how Kaurs today are building on the legacy of our ancestors in our unique, individual ways. We are not always heard or given the space to share as a Kaur. So, I am truly thrilled to open this space, exchange stories, and document diverse Kaur narratives as they reimagine their lives, relationships, and societies. No matter where you are in your journey, I invite you to the warm fire of ‘Kaurs Reimagine’ “.


Kiran Kaur

Kiran Kaur recently graduated with her degree in International Relations with a focus on Identity + Race from American University. She currently works on Capitol Hill and loves DC but also cannot wait to go back to graduate school to pursue political research. She learned how to draw at a young age from her Dadi Ji (paternal grandmother) and has since always kept art and creativity in her back pocket and loves to get to use that part of her brain especially for fun projects like this.

What excited me about the project: “I remember reading ‘Her Name is Kaur’ and feeling like I was reading my own journal in different lifetimes and different dimensions. I was an avid reader when I was in grade school and I always found ways to stretch personality traits or plot points from certain characters to relate to, but it was always a little off.   

Finding stories of Kaurs who were raised like me in some ways, who believe like me in some ways, who walk through the world the I do in some ways, was an entirely new experience and I am so excited about this new iteration that focuses on the multifaceted of women and the feminine role in Sikhi.”

Pawanpreet Kaur

Pawanpreet Kaur, is a high school chemistry teacher. She has always been passionate about learning and the method of teaching, because through education the world can slowly change for the better. She likes reading, watching shows, drawing, and of course having philosophical conversations. 

What excited me about the project: “After reading the impactful stories in ‘Her Name Is Kaur’ I was excited to hear that a volume two would be coming out. I am confident this project will inspire women and give them a way to connect with others, just as it did with the previous book.”

Tandeep Kaur

Tandeep Kaur lives by the “Learn, unlearn, and relearn” motto as she aims to navigate a Guru Granth and Guru Panth oriented life. Tandeep studies communications, political science, law, and theatre in New York City and hopes to do seva at those intersections. She is most passionate about community organizing, advocacy, and Divine Oneness. 

What excited me about this project? “I became excited about this project when seeing the group of Kaurs already on the team! Having read ‘Her Name Is Kaur’, I knew that the Kaur focused vision and narrative was one that aligned with my own experiences. I was ecstatic to meet other like-minded Kaurs and work towards a reimagined world. 


Gagan Kaur Hoonjan

Born in raised in Edmonton, AB, Gagan has always searched for ways to integrate her Sikhi-centered identity through her experiences as a first generation Canadian. Accepting the Guru as her guide, she consistently and repeatedly asks herself “What would Guru Nanak Sahib do?” to figure out how to approach challenges in her life, culture, society, or systemic structures. 

Her current Sikhi journey focuses inward on herself to align beliefs with meaningful actions, which requires a lot of Truth seeking, reflection, acceptance, and transformation. 

What got you excited about this project? “Sangat has been important for this journey. ‘Her Name is Kaur’ provided me with a Sangat that did not exist before in my life; it gave me access to a sisterhood. I finally found voices and experiences that mirrored the questions, doubts, and challenges I felt within myself as a Kaur. It brought me to stories of how the Kaur sisterhood found a way to stay on a Guru-inspired path in face of life’s many challenges. 

This is what inspired me to help initiate this project. ‘Kaurs Reimagine’ will strengthen the sisterhood of Kaurs and our collective voices and experiences in living a Guru-inspired life. I am grateful to contribute to a project that empowers Kaurs to share their unique stories, support each other, and find Oneness in each other and in our collective path. I’m excited to share the story of my Guru-inspired journey and to hear the stories of my Guru-inspired Kaur sisterhood. I’m looking forward to walking this path together with the Kaur Sisterhood and hear how Kaurs have been reimagining their realities!”