Be Brave

by Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa

I interviewed a broad range of Kaurs from different age and family demographics trying to find a particular story to show the world how hard it is to be a Kaur. Instead, I was simply amazed at the beautiful stories that came from the women I spoke to. They were to be a Kaur because of the positive experiences they had in life. 
In this film, I have included the stories of four Kaurs who represent the strength and courage that comes with being a Kaur.

The experience of making this film brings me to a few questions: Why do we Kaurs make so many excuses and barriers for ourselves when keeping our hair, taking Amrit, or practicing the Sikh lifestyle? Because if you truly think about it, what’s stopping you? What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of accepting yourself?

Life is full of struggles and what I have learnt is, it isn’t a struggle to be a Kaur. Rather, being a Kaur helps deal with those struggles.

It’s about time, ladies, to embrace being a Kaur.
 Be Brave. For yourself. For each other. For your Guru.

Shown on 2013 Sikh Net Youth Film Festival onKaur: Focusing the Lens on Women