What About Being a Sikh Makes Consent Complicated?

By Mallika Kaur Note: This post refers to sexual and other forms of intimate partner violence. While it deliberately avoids any graphic descriptions, it is perfectly normal for some small detail that is innocuous for one person, to trigger or distress another. Please refer to the resources listed below should you feel the need to reach out for support. “I’m that girl who everyone is talking about,” her voice quiet, but convinced. She then left her phone number on our newly launched Sikh Family CenterHelpline saying, “Anytime is a good time to call,” and hung up. This was just about nine Vaisakhis ago. April marks the birth of the Khalsa: the culmination of the Gurus’ project of bestowing power to the people. Guru Gobind Singh ji went to great lengths to visually and viscerally etch … Continue reading What About Being a Sikh Makes Consent Complicated?