Kaur: Her-Stories of the Panth

Kaur Panth Zine of Sikh Women Cover

by Guneet Kaur & Amrit Singh

In 2017, for the first time ever, Scripps College launched a South Asian Feminisms class. It was quite a semester- my friend Amrit and I (the only Sikh students in our class, of only a handful on our predominantly white, upper-class private, liberal arts campuses) had a wild ride finding and adding readings on Sikhi to the syllabus (with a very receptive and encouraging Professor!), and just generally finding and making space to include our narratives in the curriculum.

Our final project, which materialized as a digital zine discussing the roots of Sikh womxn’s histories of resistance and fights for liberation- through biographical snapshots, artwork, and moments in history. Here is our zine:


A zine (pronounced zeen) is small-circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images and is usually the product of a single person, or a very small group. The primary intent of publication is to advance the views of the creators rather than for profit. This medium has been very popular in subcultures and marginalized communities as a tool for self-empowerment. 

Guneet Kaur is originally from the Bay Area and is currently pursuing her undergraduate degree at Scripps College, studying Biology and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies with a concentration in race. She has been involved with community engagement work in her local Sikh community and coalition building among communities of color on her campus, and is incredibly passionate about the intersections of social justice and medicine.




Amrit Singh was born and raised in Surrey, BC, and is currently in SoCal for his undergrad degree. He wants to pursue a career in community organizing and to serve Sikh communities, both in Punjab and the diaspora.



The creators of this zine made their best effort to obtain permission from all those in the zine to include their work. If at for any time, you feel uncomfortable with your work, poetry, art, or image being on Kaur Life, email us at and we will take it down. 

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