Kaur Life is putting together a photo essay featuring women conducting different parts of Anand Karaj ceremonies. We think it’s important for our community to see unique ways of honoring women in our lives. Did your sister do kirtan at your wedding? Did a Kaur do ardas? Did you mother read the lavan? We’d love to feature it! Send us your photos by August 8th, to Hello@KaurLife.org

Please make sure:

1. Your photos are high-definition.
2. You own the rights to the photos you are submitting.
3. You have permission of those in the photos to post it online.
4. We encourage you to include:
  • The name of the couple getting married
  • The name and relationship of the woman conducing the ceremony
  •  A short reason from the couple as to why they elected this woman to be a part of the wedding
  • The name of the photographer
  • Date & location of the Anand Karaj
  • Your name